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PostSubject: Unstoppable/Audie/Audamadic   Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:34 am

Indeed he is back. Guns Hello.Nice to see everyone grown up, well at least some of y'all. Razz
My *real* name is Audie Henry Gutierrez. Friends call me Aud/Auda/Audamadic, Ogamers call me Audie, but I call my self Unstoppable king I've been playing over a year now and over that time I've grown expandability with in the months of playing. My first allaince ever was Called TD or now called, THUNDER DRAGONS CLAN, I left that alliance due to the lack of team work,days after I joined my 2nd alliance,called UFO,didn't have to much of a welcome party, or good communication with the alliance members. I then Found ZGM, and Destroyer, I had applied and was soon joined. From then on I began growing and growing till I was made a officer and went to the wing to help out younger players. As soon as I had gotten my first HoF and reached more than 100k of Points I soon later left and joined Indie. From then on I've gain and gain and gain to where you see me here. I pretty much no everything from close to everything about Ogame, from Observing the Wings and Mains mistakes, and used there mistakes to help me be stronger.
If theres anything, just pm in game or on here, I bet I'd know how to solve or help you.

ZGM will always be a good alliance in my book but to me ZGM is more of a quite and peaceful alliance rather a aggressive one that is another reason why I left.
(Love the action and fleet)

Have any Questions just reply .

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