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 TW Chat Area Rules

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PostSubject: TW Chat Area Rules   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:13 pm

Welcome all TW members! I hope you are enjoying the forums.

This section is exclusivley for wing members/Admin/MODS only. I ask that no one but wing members add anytyhing unless it is important or helpful (ie help questions). The the TW chat area there is to be no spam or forum games whatsoever. This area is for anything that relates to the training wing. I also ask that there are no 'possible war' threads started here. Use either the TW spam area or Spma/LOLa rea for that. I would also like to add that the ZGM Code Of Conduct is also to be obeyed by the wing members and wing members may also recieve consequences.

Thanks for reading, have fun everyone. Very Happy

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TW Chat Area Rules
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