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 The NEW Ranks in ZGM Wing

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PostSubject: The NEW Ranks in ZGM Wing   Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:33 pm

As you all know, New Ranks have been updated in ZGM Wing. The reason for the change is simple...It is a great way to differentiate what kind of player everyone is and it will help the officers organize and plan for any wars that may come up. Plus, it will be used as a tool to have points competitions in the future...You know...Army vs. Navy. Both Muffin Man and I agree, this will be a great morale booster within the Alliance.

Also, Each rank has a counterpart. With the exception of the Common Ranks, Which are used for training and Entry level purposes. Once you reach 5k in points, you should have SOME idea what kind of player you are. Once you reach the rank of Warrant Officer, you may make a claim to the Drill Officer (TattooMan) what kind of player you plan to be. Then when you get past that point you will be given either a Naval or Army Rank based on that claim. If you change your style of play in later levels, it's no problem. You will receive the counterpart rank at the level you are. Again, just let the Drill Officer know. Additionally, If the Rank you presently have is NOT comparable to your style of play, Let me know. I will change it. I used a list I had obtained a while ago AND used some of the information that I found at It's not perfect, but that is the only means of info at the time. Like I said, If your rank is not correct, let me know.

I hope everyone likes the new rank set-up...I know it will take a little getting used to, but I believe it will work out for the best for everyone in the long run. Please, if you have any questions, let me know. Thank you all for your patience, understanding and cooperation.


UPDATE: 01/20/09

The Ranks have been updated and everyone at this point should have the appropriate Rank for their level and style of play.

If your rank is not equal to your style of play, please let me know and I will correct it promptly. Thank you all again for your cooperation and patience.
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The NEW Ranks in ZGM Wing
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