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 The Three R's of Building up Homeworld

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PostSubject: The Three R's of Building up Homeworld   Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:55 pm

Please forgive me...This is my first

This is for all the new people...It's what works for me:


Those are the 3 R's of OGame. If you remember them, you should do fairly well and possibly enjoy the game a little more. I know building up your Homeworld can be a long and arduous process, but, if you keep at it you shouldn't have many problems. This process will put you in a multiple classification as a Miner/Turtle/Raider/Fleeter. Being a bit of everything will allow you to recover a little more quickly if your fleet is destroyed or if your world(s) are attacked. I'll explain the 3 R's in a little more detail, and the order they should be followed for it to work...


These ARE the building blocks of which your potential empire will be built. All of these elements are used for Buildings, Research, Defense, and Ships. Not to mention, Currency. Without these things, you have no basis to build up your world. As Currency, you are able to use the excess of one resource to barter for another that most suits your needs. This can usually be done with people within your alliance, NAP, or a friendly neighbor. Furthermore, you need to do all you can to make sure you hold on to as much of your res as possible to maintain the afore mentioned items.


This is a little touch and go...You need resources for research, and you needs research to defend resources, by way of better planetary defense. This also helps in building a better, stronger fleet. Opponents are less likely to attack you if you have good planetary defenses. Additionally, if you keep your res working for you (research/fleet building/defense building) or moving (fleet & res saving)your potential attacker will probably not attack you and thus not making yourself a target. If you can't use the res right away, then take it with you when you fleet save to use later.


Probably the most enjoyable part of the game in my opinion. The purpose of raiding is to get resources from an opponent. Again, the more res, the more you can use to build & research. It is probably a good idea to try and build 2-3 decent raiding fleets. This takes time and you should be patient. Start with one...then two....then three, building them up along the way. Making each one bigger and stronger. this should be done smartly and not at the expense of too many resources or research. Try to keep a good balance within your fledgling empire. Also, try to find worlds that have inactive players with still active mines and exploit it. Do this repeatedly.

As you can see, the 3 R's form a kind of circle and you can't have one without the other.

-Resources for Research/Building
-Research for Resources/Defenses & Fleet
-Raiding for Resources for Research/Building

Anyway, you get the idea...

Well...That's all I got for now...Next time, I'll touch on the subject about Colonies... What a Face
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The Three R's of Building up Homeworld
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