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 [Espionage bank] - 0 points to 50,000 points.

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PostSubject: [Espionage bank] - 0 points to 50,000 points.   Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:16 pm

The purpose of this thread is to compile a list of espionage reports in a sort of 'bank' format to be easily accessed by other alliance members. Please only post a player if you see good profit (If you need help determining the amount of profit, please contact an officer).

The only information needed will be the player name, amount of points, planet, research, and res.

Resources on Aurora [1:211:3] (Player \'Dark Desert Soldier\')at 01-23 21:11:43

Metal: 61.082
Crystal: 65.642
Deuterium: 69.282
Energy: 1.253

Small Cargo 10
Large Cargo 5

Light Laser 30
Small Shield Dome 1

Metal Mine 14
Crystal Mine 14
Deuterium Synthesizer 5
Solar Plant 15
Robotics Factory 2
Shipyard 3
Research Lab 1

Espionage Technology 8
Computer Technology 10
Weapons Technology 9
Shielding Technology 9
Armour Technology 9
Energy Technology 8
Hyperspace Technology 8
Combustion Drive 6
Impulse Drive 6
Hyperspace Drive 6
Laser Technology 12
Ion Technology 5
Plasma Technology 7 Intergalactic

Research Network 1Expedition Technology 3

Chance of counter-espionage: 5%Attack

This report was converted using the tool located at

Dark Desert Soldier points: 39755

This looks pretty yummy, someone should hit him ASAP and post the CR in a CR thread. Have fun banking on new espionage reports!
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[Espionage bank] - 0 points to 50,000 points.
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