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 TattooMan's Guide to Raiding

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PostSubject: TattooMan's Guide to Raiding   Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:01 pm

First of all, this is a Guide...I will not be stating any absolutes in this post. I have found working with absolutes will not only misinform , but will also not allow certain types of players to use their own minds and resources to figure for the unexpected.

First thing you NEED is a Combat Simulator. There are several available and you should use one that you are most comfortable with. I use SpeedSim. The purpose of a Combat Simulator is to actually Run a prospective attack based on the information from Espionage Reports and the number of ships you intend to send on that attack. Once you are satisfied with your simulated outcome, use THAT information to send your REAL attack.

It is probably a good idea when you first start raiding, to go after Inactive Targets with still active mines. Chances are that you will not need to simulate this kind of attack, mostly because your target will not have any defenses. I such cases that they do, by all means, use the simulator. Keep in mind, you can only retrieve 50% of the resources sitting on your opponents planet at a time. If he/she has a good amount of resources, send a second wave right after you send the first.

As for the type of Cargoes to use....Large Cargoes are probably the best ones to use when dealing with a target that has a significant amount of Defense and you are sending sizable fleet. However, if you are going after someone who has very little or no defense, Small cargoes are better. Granted, you will have to send more of them to recover the maximum amount of resources (50%), but they are faster than the Large Cargoes. (Small Cargoes become faster than Large Cargoes after you have researched Impulse Drive past level 5.)

When dealing with Defenses, Large and Small, you will need to send Small Fighters. These are used mainly as fodder on your bigger raids so that you do not take losses on your fleet of capital ships. For smaller raids, enough of the small fighters will take out the smaller defenses and allow your cargoes to take the Resources. On Larger Raids, again you will need the small fighters as fodder. You will also need Battleships, Cruisers and Bombers. Cruisers and Battleships will take out any ships that are on the planet you are attacking. Bombers are specifically designed to crack larger defenses and Shield Domes. Destroyers are good to have on the larger raids, especially when dealing with larger enemy ships, but the con of Destroyers is, they are Deuterium Hogs. Battle Cruisers are also well suited to deal with Ships on a defending planet and Sending Destroyers AND Battle Cruisers will probably make the outcome a little better, and your losses even less. Also, if you expect a sizable Debris Field to form in the wake of the battle, you may want to send Recyclers out before you send your attacking fleets. If there is no DF, you can create one by sending a probe to the planet on an attack mission instead of Espionage. This will create a small DF in which your Recyclers can target and you can send them out before the attacking fleets. Again, use the Simulator to see how many to send and to time the arrival of your fleet just before the Recyclers get there. 10 minutes is good. 5-7 minutes is better.

In such cases that a planet does not have ANY Anti-Ballistic Missiles and a decent defense, you can use Inter-Planetary Missiles to Target the defenses and take them out. Damage done by IPM's is permanent. There is no 70% to rebuild after a missile attack. You can also specify what target you want your missiles to take out. If there is a Shield Dome, it is probably a good idea to target that first. Also,You can send your missile attack AFTER you send out your raiding fleet. Just make sure you time the missile attack to hit before the arrival of your fleet.

Lastly, when raiding someone who is ACTIVE it is probably a good idea to probe the planet about 7 - 10 minutes before the arrival of your fleet to see if the resources are still there, and to see if any of your opponent's fleet has come back from a raid or fleet save. This could obviously turn the tide of the outcome by either, destroying your raiding fleet or forcing a draw. It is better to recall the raid than to face heavy losses. You can always regroup and send a larger fleet to crack your opponent. Just make sure the resources you are planning to gain are worth the potential losses. Run it through the simulator again if need be.

I know this is a lot of information to absorb. So, take your time, assess everything including things that could and might go wrong. Use a combat simulator to help with factoring losses, debris fields, and the resources you will gain. ANY information, no matter how small, is good info. Use it to your advantage.

And most importantly, Have fun...Raiding is the most rewarding and the most enjoyable part of OGame and it is also the best way to make enemies. So, be careful.

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TattooMan's Guide to Raiding
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