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 The Inevitable War - Part 2

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PostSubject: The Inevitable War - Part 2   Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:08 am


You have read previous posts on this same subject before and I need you ALL to bear with me here....

I have received several questions and comments about MOB and other alliances probing our members aggressively. This should not be something to throw you into a panic. This is what they do. This is what we do. We probe targets to see what they have for the purpose of possibly attacking that planet. I know that the probes are a lot more frequent, because the same thing has been happening to me. Everyone is getting desperate for Resources, and they will do anything to get their hands on as much as they can.

Is this a prelude to War???? I hope not....At least not yet. We are not ready for a War. What IS happening, however, is that they are probing you more often in the hopes that you will screw up and that they can exploit that mistake. The solution...Don't screw up!!!

Now here is the downside of not screwing up...WAR. If your potential attackers get so frustrated to the point that they believe they have no choice but to go to war with someone, chances are, they will come after us. but, on the other hand, they may just go after someone else since you showed them that you can play this game effectively. I don't know....I can't read minds. But, I do have a feel for strategy. Therefore, don't give anyone a target to come after. Don't screw up!!! Because, if it does come to war, you don't need to feed THEIR War Machine. Against us or anyone else for that matter.

And for the love of God.....Do NOT panic because they are probing you more often. If you get nervous or panic, you WILL make mistakes. Know what to do if they launch that fleet at you...There is enough Guides out there and in this Forum. If you can't find them, ask someone.

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The Inevitable War - Part 2
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