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 Protection, there is a limit to what I'll do/order others to do

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PostSubject: Protection, there is a limit to what I'll do/order others to do   Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:19 pm

hi all,

I have noticed over the past some of you have been complaining about getting hit by other players. I hate to say it but that is part of the game. The best way to avoid it is to fleet save and res save. However, as I have just decided to build a small fleet, I may now be offering help with those repetitive annoyances.

If you wish for my help plz post below the following:

Coords (as many as possible)

However I will only hit people if they are reacurring problems, and aslong as you guys are putting your bit in to improve yourselves so you don't get hit in the first place. Please don't take advantage of this service, as I will just stop it completely.

For example I was asked to hit a player who has only just breached the 5K points mark... that means they've only just come out of newb protection! People like that I won't hit, as it will not only look bad on my part but it will look bad on the whole of ZGM. However if you post names like that below I want the raiders among us to note the names down and organise raids on him/her. But, remember the rules of raiding:

1. no Bashing! (don't raid someone 5 times within 24 hours)
2. Don't all raid one person, it will just start an unessecary war. Instead take it as a training task... orgaise amongst you IPM's and how will send in main attacks etc.

Hope you use this topic well,
The Muffin Man

P.S Don't forget Miners and Turtles are also used during an attack, as they can quikly produce and trade res. Also if anyone has a moon, you probabaly know what your doing anyway Wink

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Protection, there is a limit to what I'll do/order others to do
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