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 As Promised, Colonies

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PostSubject: As Promised, Colonies   Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:11 pm

-Keep in mind, I am still a bit of a newbie....So, if any of you more experienced people want to chime in with info, please help me out here....Thanks in advance Rock On

And now...Colonies Good Job

First thing.......YOU NEED A COLONY SHIP!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about PLACEMENT - You should always try to colonize a spot in a system between position # 4 - 6. Reason for this is, it will give you a better chance at getting a planet with more fields on which to build. For example, I followed this little tidbit of advice and I have 3 planets that have more than 250 fields. With that said, there are also certain benefits to building in different positions even though, your planets will more than likely be smaller. Colonizing closer to the sun will give you greater return on your Solar Plant and satellites...The Con - Lower Deuterium production. Getting a planet further away from the sun will increase Deuterium, but, lessen the effectiveness of your Solar Power.... Hang

Now, all the things i have read and been told, is that you need to colonize....Spread out as far as you can go...Place one planet in each Galaxy......WRONG!!!!!! You ever hear of spreading yourself out to thin????? Here is a piece of advice. Spread out, by all means, but colonize outward towards another galaxy. You need to keep colonies with-in a reachable distance....mostly for FLEET-SAVING....For example, Wherever your Homeworld is.....Colonize about 10 - 15 systems away and put one planet there......2nd colony, go another 10 - 15 systems in the same direction or go the opposite way. Depending on your Galactic Position, more than likely, you will end up going into another galaxy. That's a good thing...Now you have a whole other set of Victims for your raids.....NICE!!!!!! Stick Out Tongue

Just an FYI - PLEASE!!!!!!! For the love of God!!!!!! Do NOT put all of your colonies in the same system....You should not have more than 2 or, at most 3 in the same system as Homeworld. Your Empire will look a lot better if you have a little elbow room (Earth, Adolf Hitler, 1936) Spanked

Sorry...A little joke there.......Anyway, just follow the same 3 R's I discussed in the previous post for your new colony and you should be fine. Keep in mind, I'm still learning and these posts are from practical experience...(doesn't hurt to go on the web and look for tips either, I mean ARE already there).
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As Promised, Colonies
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