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 The Three Word Story

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PostSubject: Re: The Three Word Story   Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:43 pm

Your friendly neighboorhood stoner reporting in..
I'm stoned, and decided to write it...I feel like I just had a really bad dream.

One time, there was a butt ugly shrew who decided to f*** an abnormally sized cucumber in the anus but he had to slap a giant tortoise sucking a nose which had tons of snot. He ate this snot, and enjoyed the juicy goodness in his mouth caused him to think his life was horney. Then he called a hooker who was actually the shrew wearing a sexy costume dancing on a really really really really really long hard pole. At the moment full packed flavor was spewing out his very big super-duper funsized extra-extremely hug cup of urine flavored slurpee which he then threw in disgust at the admin who then killed hellcat not, hellcat then ate a big om nom pie and painfully died. He then rested on a piece of giantly enormous bread made by thick breast milk made in china by desperate mothers (Like kennets, of course). This bread was soft fluffy and contained small particles of white powdery drugs which explode on contact with black peoples afros (which causes bleeding to the face of the american mobidly obese society -who's leader imploded because of a serious obese problem that affected the constipated exploding rectumof oprah winfrey). Michael Jacksons bedroom of little boys and thier problems for the dysfunctionality of boys special parts. A flying wet piece of smelly dog hit in your shoe of epic proportions which started too...explode in the hugely intesifying part of an ogre that made the nuclear bomb explode into his buttcheeks. The buttcheeks flew and landed in aunt sally's purse of ultimate doom and little boys who like to ruin the game because they are zombies due to to much ogame. They never go into a fetid little box of tiny little condoms made by the pope himself. He sells them with drugs and adult sex toys for mass production to african children and rare albino monkeys living in a tropical tree of South Brazil getting shot down. Incorrect grammar and poor use of spelling will lead to being a binman, or worse...SOMEONE WITH AIDS!!! ...Or a bad case of asswarts. Because Justin cheats at this game he does drugs.
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PostSubject: Re: The Three Word Story   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:24 am

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The Three Word Story
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