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 Strategies - Part 1

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PostSubject: Strategies - Part 1   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:51 pm

Hello all,

Just wanted to share a couple of Tips/Strategies with you. These are practical applications that I have been using myself...

Raiding - When you have farmed everything you can from the victims you have hit repeatedly or that inactive player has finally been deleted, Time to find some new blood. That is the purpose for Colonies. Start staging your attacks from your outermost colony. For example;

My Homeworld is located at 1:373:10. My outermost colony is in Galaxy 2. I split my fleet and sent 1/3 of it to my colony. There I found a whole new set of people to raid and has been most lucrative. Now, after you have raided for the day, take whatever Resources you haven't used at the colony and Fleetsave to Homeworld. At the same time, launch another fleet to your outermost colony on another fleetsave. You just took care of fleetsaving 2/3 of your fleet and you will be ready to go the next time you log on. The other third of your fleet, just fleetsave like you would normally do.

While you are raiding in another part of the Universe, you could be raiding in your old stomping grounds with the remainder of your fleet. In essence, you are raiding in two places at once. With that said, getting into this kind of rhythm is a little tough at first. You will get used to it.

Just a little footnote - You should have, at the very least, 9 fleet slots to perform this strategy. Otherwise, it really is not worth going through the trouble or the Deuterium.

Remember the Three R's in the previous posts, and watch the placement of your colonies. Trust me, These things work!!! I've tried these myself...Like I said, I post these in this Forum based on practical experience. I would not otherwise.

Until the next time...if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me here in the Forum or in game. Thanks Bannana Dance
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Strategies - Part 1
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