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PostSubject: _The_Destroyer_   Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi, my name is _The_Destroyer_ Smile I have been playing in Uni. 10 since I first learned of OGame.
I joined an alliance called The Fifth Column that was lead by a player called Eamon. He went to Iraq, and had to disband the alliance.

After that, I founded the Zero G Marines a few years back, and ran it for almost 2 years if my memory serves me correctly. Then I handed the torch to Captain No, and he has been running it ever since. A few of the players from The Fifth Column alliance joined ZGM as well, and they have been with me in ZGM from the beginning.

ZGM has a long history, and we have gone from being ranked in the 100's, to being in the 20's. ZGM is steadily proving itself to be a worthy alliance, and with the new plans to revitalize ZGM, (I know sounds like a skin commercial or something) we will be getting more and more powerful over time Very Happy
I have been a ZGMer for years now, and I always will be until I quit OGame. LONG LIVE ZGM!! Wink

I live in Utah right now, but I will be moving to Guatemala in a few months with my family.
I enjoy being physical, and I do some mountain climbing and mountain biking. I also enjoy shooting, and we go out frequently to shoot some skeet, and do some targets with out handguns and rifles. (We have a large arsenal. We even manufacture our own ammunition)

I have over the time I have been playing OGame learned a bit and gained some experience, so if you need any kind of advice I'll do my best to answer any questions anyone may have. I may even re-make some of the guides I typed up on the old forum before it disappeared. No
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Captain No

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PostSubject: Re: _The_Destroyer_   Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:00 am

ok ok you been here a while im not so new i know that haha but no ones told me where the toilet is yet, ive been holding it in for years!!
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