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PostSubject: Technologies   Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:42 pm

I found this on the internet...Although, most of us already know this just by paying attention to Game Technology, I feel it's still necessary to post here for the less experienced people.

These are Maximum Technology Levels...There is NO need to research past the indicated level...

Hyperspace Technology - Level 8
Laser Technology - Level 12
Ion Technology - Level 5
Plasma Technology - Level 7
Inter-Galactic Research Network - Level 9
Graviton Technology - Level 1

However...These are Technologies in which EVERY level makes you stronger and better...

Espionage Technology - Each level allows you to see more or crack through the counter-espionage of the Planet you are probing.

Computer Technology - Each level gives you another fleet slot, therefore, to control more fleets.

Weapons Technology - The higher in level, the stronger the weapons on your ships and Planetary Defenses.

Shielding Technology - The higher in level, the stronger your shields on both Ships and Defenses.

Armor Technology - Same as Shielding Technology, except, this is the actual armor rating.

Combustion Drive - The more you level up, the faster your Ships with this Drive will go.

Impulse Drive - The higher in level, The faster Ships with this Drive will go.

Hyperspace Drive - Again, as with the other 2 drives. The higher level, the faster Ships with this Drive will go.

Energy Technology - When you level up on this technology, the more efficient your energy usage. The formula is explained in game.

Expedition Technology - Each level allows your fleet to stay an additional hour on the expedition. The longer you stay, the more likely you will get something (Dark Matter, Ships, Resources..Etc.). However, the reverse is true. You may not get anything or you may get destroyed. Expeditions ARE risky and Dangerous!!!
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