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 Strategies - Part 2

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PostSubject: Strategies - Part 2   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:05 pm

We ALL know what each of the different ships do and what their primary purpose is. At least, I hope so!!!

I'm going to give you a small list of the ships, and what their secondary purpose is... WTF

RECYCLER - I know...Used for harvesting Debris Fields. But, They can also be used as Cargo Ships. Although, these ships are EXTREMELY slow, They can transport up to 20,000 units. Also, they can be used to transport Resources between your planet and its moon. Or even, one of your colonies in the same system, preferably. Although, I do NOT recommend this, COLONY SHIPS can be used for the same purpose. They carry ONLY 7500 units!!!

LIGHT FIGHTER - Some people will disagree, but, when you get further into the game, you WILL need them. When you take enough of them in battle, chances are, you lose these ships instead of the more costly Cruisers, Battle Ships, Bombers, Battle Cruisers and Destroyers.

SMALL vs. LARGE CARGO - When you start out in OGame, you will find that the Large Cargo is faster than than its smaller counterpart. Not so, when you get further into the game. The Small Cargo ships are much faster, due to the refit of impulse engines (level 5). Personally, I use the small cargo in raids against inactive players with NO defenses, mainly because they have a lower armor rating than the Large Cargo, and they are faster. That's great if you need Resources fast.

BATTLE SHIPS & BOMBERS - These ships are your best bet to break through and even destroy Planetary Shields. This is the primary purpose of the Bomber. Both types of ships used in tandem, will destroy the Shields and possibly the Defenses as well. In my experience, what works well is a 4:1 ratio. That is 4 Battle Ships for every 1 Bomber. This also depends on how much Defense you are going up against. You can adjust accordingly.

Remember...I only post Tips & Guides that I use or what I found works for me. Everyone has their own strategy, their own rhythm. I invite comments, critiques and/or additions to everything I post in the Guides Section of this forum. Feel free to PM me here or in game if you have any questions or comments. And as this MAY be my last post in this section. Add any Tips that may help the next player(s) to ANY of the posts in this section. Thanks for your time and I hope that I helped you play OGame better. What a Face
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Strategies - Part 2
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